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Posted by on May 16, 2012 in Hardware News |

NVIDIA promises to solve the stutter bug VSYNC their Geforce GTX 600 Series

So far Nvidia has released just two GPUs for desktops based on the Kepler architecture : Geforce GTX 680 and Geforce GTX 670 , to them we must add the dual-GPU card Geforce GTX 690 .

Although the three current members of the family of Geforce 600 Series GPUs have relatively short time it was released, many users have been reporting since late March that they suffer from severe stuttering problems with many games to enable vertical sync , problem not resolved even when you activate the Adaptive VSync.

Recently Nvidia has officially recognized the problem, which they call VSYNC Stutter bug, error has been identified and replicated, and that claim is in the code of your graphics driver Geforce / ION.

This bug only affects the GeForce 600 Series GPUs architecture based on Kepler, and Nvidia promises to solve a future update to their drivers, which will be released sometime next month.

Link: NVIDIAn GeForce GTX 600 -sarjan näytönohjaimilla peleissä nykimisongelma, ajurikorjaus tulossa (MUROPAKETTI)

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