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Posted by on Jun 13, 2013 in Hardware Articles |

NVIDIA reiterates its commitment to PC gaming

NVIDIA reiterates its commitment to PC gaming

The gaming world is going through a series of changes as the great growth of for iOS and Android devices, the birth of the games that run in the cloud, the return of x86 in the world of consoles, as well as the growing rise of Android-based consoles, changes that added to the lower demand for PCs has caused many to think that manufacturers and are neglecting the market for games.

Times of change

The three major consoles (Nintendo WiiU, Microsoft Xbox and Sony PlayStation One 4) are based on hardware, and it has been determined that a growing number of developers to join the initiative AMD Gaming Evolved, the most recent Square Enix and Electronic Arts says they announced that their games Thief and Battlefield 4 will be optimized for the AMD FX CPUs and GPUs AMD graphics architecture based on the Graphics Core Next and above. Making just the beginning of a new era in the market for PC games.

This would suggest more than one Nvidia’s dominant position in the market for PC games has begun to weaken, but is confident that will keep your in PC games, which have maintained for several years, and do not believe that will change in the future.

The measures will take NVIDIA

Nvidia will continue working and investing in strengthening its relations with game developers, so that they can make use of proprietary technology, as well as their titles can be developed and tested in a wide variety of hardware Nvidia GeForce, ensuring that are optimized for hardware.

Nvidia claims that the vast majority of game developers (between 40 and 56%) implement Nvidia technologies like PhysX, FXAA, APEX, CUDA, and other, compared to 5 to 7% of the technologies AMD as TressFX, + and others.

Even in games developed with the support of AMD (the equivalent of Nvidia TWIMTBP) says its GPU Nvidia GTX 680 is imposed on the GPU AMD Radeon HD 7970 GHz Edition for up to 25% higher performance, lead to increases in his family moved GeForce 700 Series GPUs.

Sponsorships and Game Engines

Nvidia says it is proud of its dominant position, controlling 66% of the market for video cards dedicated figure expected to increase in the coming months, thanks to sponsor games like Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, Watch_Dogs, Splinter Cell: Blacklist, The Witcher 3 and Batman: Arkham Origins, which make use of Nvidia’s exclusive technologies, technologies that are also present in many game engines such as CryEngine 3, Unity, Unreal 4, Frostbite, Source, ID Tech and many others that will be revealed soon.

Nvidia also thinks that the presence of APU AMD x86 on consoles is a factor that will benefit, since PC games will directly benefit from the new features of the new generation game consoles, plus that Nvidia plans to provide PC at the same ease of use that have the application consoles GeForce Experience.


Nvidia shown as confident as ever, and that confidence is a sign of peace for both its investors, partners and loyal users, which can be assured that the company will continue to fight to maintain its privileged position as one of the first choices they make users to choose the GPU will be based on your video card.

No doubt the coming months will be the hardest to go through Nvidia in competence in all aspects involving PC gaming: support / sponsorship to game developers, to hardware optimization, use of GPU-accelerated technologies (both exclusive and non-exclusive) and of course, hard work on the tuning of the drivers for technologies developed by them, a factor which is not very usual NVDIA deal, but we do not doubt will do just fine.

Without doubt, the gaming market is rapidly changing, but certainly those who stand to gain with all these changes are the users themselves. Experience the competition!

Link: NVIDIA Reiterates Dedication to Gaming on PC, Working with Developers (PC Perspective)


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