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Posted by on Jun 5, 2013 in Hardware News |

NVIDIA sees no danger in One Xbox and PlayStation 4 # CTX2013

NVIDIA sees no danger in One Xbox and PlayStation 4 # CTX2013

We know that consoles (APU + Octacore 768 shader processors) (GPU 480 shader processors) and (APU + GPU 1152 Jaguar Octacore shader processors) are based on hardware, factor that could influence a possible dominance of the company in the gaming market .

Companies like Intel and disagree consoles that influence the market for games.

In an interview with Computer Base Justin Walker, division manager of Nvidia’s products, says not worried that the consoles are based on AMD hardware, because it thinks that the majority of game developers, the PC will as an independent platform.

Nvidia hopes that PC gaming next generation will continue to function perfectly in its GeForce GPUs, and we have no reason to doubt it, for their own competitors said they do not plan to sabotage in any way for PC games, which will run correctly even in non-AMD hardware .

As fun facts, some months after Nvidia mention that consoles were not good business , in recent weeks we learned that AMD gains receive around U.S. $ 3 billion for its agreements with Sony and Microsoft, earning around U.S. $ 60 and $ 100 for each sold.

Link: Nvidia sieht keine Gefahr in One und Xbox PlayStation 4 (Computer Base)


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