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Posted by on Oct 17, 2012 in Hardware News |

NVIDIA Tesla K20: Specifications leaked

NVIDIA Tesla K20: Specifications leaked

In mid-May announced his future Tesla K20 , its first product based on the second generation kepler GPU GK110 , which will be released in December this year.

consists of five GPCs each with three SMX, which in turn are made up of 192 shader processors, giving us a total of 2880 shader processors, but Tesla K20 will not be based on a fully functional GK110, Nvidia makes some K20 days confirmed that Tesla would have between 13-15 SMX , and from Heise say will have a total of 13 SMX (2496 shader processors).

Tesla K20 specifications were revealed by the manufacturer of workstations CADnetwork , but were removed within hours of published, although this did not prevent their publication by several media as Heise. Without further ado, here the final specifications of Tesla K20:

  • Core: GK110 Kepler.
  • Transistors: 7100 million.
  • Shader processors: 2496 SPs running at 705MHz.
  • GPCs: 5.
  • SMX: 13.
  • Memory: 5GB GDDR5 ECC with 320-bit bus (10 chips of 512MB).
  • Performance in single precision: 3.52 TFlops.
  • Performance in double precision: 1.17 TFlops.
  • TDP: 225W.

NVIDIA Tesla K20: Specifications leaked image 2

Taking the performance of 1.17 TFLOPS, undoubtedly TFlops 1075 outperforms the Radeon HD 7970 Edition GHz, and the FirePro 0.8064 0.9984 S9000 and the FirePro W9000, so until Intel reveals its potential Xeon accelerator Phi (above 1TFlop), we can say that by the time Tesla K20 cGPU stands as the most powerful in the industry double precision.

K20 is estimated that Tesla will cost U.S. $3,200.

Link: Finale Spezifikationen von Nvidia Tesla GPU K20-mit enthüllt GK110 (Heise)

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