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Posted by on Aug 22, 2012 in Hardware News |

Octane Google launches its own benchmark for JavaScript in web browsers

Octane Google launches its own benchmark for JavaScript in web browsers

Sunspider is one of the benchmarks or most popular test suite when require the web browser, revealing how code runs good shape based on various libraries. Now, has launched its own tool called Octane, which seek to gain a place in the hearts of fans to test the performance of their teams.

As expected, having the victim’s browser as it works on any kind of device, whether PC, tablet or phone, simply by accessing the address Octane . The idea behind the project is to provide the set objective as possible, so no specific tests have been developed, but rather, were made known applications and libraries for mass use in many web sites to run them in isolation under the environment Google.

Thus, there would be a realistic figure of how the team performs in real web browsing, as it takes into account the following parameters to run Octane:

  • Box2DWeb: version gráfico2D JavaScript engine (for physics) Box2DFlash 2.1a. It is used by many online games.
  • Mandreel: JavaScript version of the Bullet Engine 3D graphics engine, also used in browser-based gaming.
  • Pdf.js: Tool-based PDF reader integrated into the Mozilla Firefox browser, but ported to JavaScript. Decodes and displays documents. Here the idea is to show how JavaScript based applications can successfully replace functions and complements native browsers.
  • GB Emulator: Emulator for GameBoy handheld video game, done in JavaScript.
  • CodeLoad It tests the speed of the JavaScript engine used to and runs several popular libraries like jQuery and Closure.

With this, no doubt we are facing a very comprehensive battery on paper, reads very well and could result in enough numbers to measure performance objective through various devices.

Link: Octane: the JavaScript benchmark suite for the modern web (The Blog)

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