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Posted by on Sep 10, 2012 in Hardware News |

OCZ has NAND flash memory deficit to manufacture its SSD

OCZ has NAND flash memory deficit to manufacture its SSD

We have already seen that the nand flash memory market is difficult for manufacturers , who in turn reported oversupply and low demand, which in time led to lower prices for this product class . But now has reported that they can not produce enough of solid state drives (SSD), not having enough of NAND chips and comply with industry demand.

This could be a sign of a market recovery, or planning of specific problems within OCZ because their product lines are quite successful among consumers, with models causing great interest among general consumers, moved by brands such as Agility and Vertex, which now could go up in price due to the shortage of components.

It is both the success of OCZ, which as we reported earlier , industry giants would be interested in taking ownership of the company, among whom include Seagate and its manifest interest to enter the SSD market.

Link: OCZ announces NAND chip Shortages (Electronista)

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