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Posted by on Sep 12, 2012 in Hardware News |

OCZ introduced the Vector, its new top of the line SSD

OCZ introduced the Vector, its new top of the line SSD

Under the IDF 2012 in San Francisco, USA, showed its new solid state drive (SSD) 2.5 inch called Vector, who comes to claim the throne as the best general consumer product that has made the company, although without revealing what their data transfer rates, which should exceed 535MB/seg of his predecessors.

Unlike last stop Vertex line 4, this model comes with a controller designed 100% by OCZ as had previously been told that the Everest 2 own manufacturing was, however, later revealed that these chips were just models Marvell, but renamed . For now, this chip is known internally as 3, without a definitive business name.

On the side of NAND flash memories, even though they are labeled with letters printed OCZ actually are made by Micron, which is explained as we reported earlier : Toshiba reduced its production of chips and in response, Micron the rose, forcing Toshiba to backtrack, climb back volumes and promising price cuts up to 25%, so it would not be surprising that in the short term, the memories begin using Toshiba.

Let’s wait to know the date of availability, final features and price of this device.

Link: OCZ Vector: The First True Based SSD Indilinx (Barefoot 3) from OCZ (Anandtech)

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