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Posted by on Sep 30, 2012 in Hardware News |

OEMs expect AMD Trinity APU rekindle the price war

OEMs expect AMD Trinity APU rekindle the price war

The AMD A-5000 Series “Trinity” for desktop socket FM2 will arrive next week and many users save enough expectations of these APUs. But users are not the only ones who look forward to these new APUs; equipment manufacturers (OEM) also expect a lot from them.

Several commented Taiwanese OEMs say that there is not much demand in the region, and hope that this situation will improve with the launch of APU for socket FM2, those hoping that will force to cut prices as much of its microprocessors their chipsets (motherboards based on the latter are priced 40% higher than those based on AMD chipsets); situation should it occur, would benefit OEMs, boosting sales.

The AMD APU A-5000 Series “Trinity” will prices between U.S. $69 to U.S. $129, while Intel microprocessors as the third-generation core i3 priced between U.S. $117 to U.S. $138.

Link: AMD Trinity Taiwanese manufacturers hope will add pressure to Intel to lower prices (OCWorkbench)

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