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Posted by on Sep 4, 2012 in Science, Venture |

OLPC operating system gets updated to include WebKit

OLPC operating system gets updated to include WebKit

These news if you communicate spice. OLPC operating system based on OS has received an update, for the benefit of children who are part of the (one laptop per child).

Improving operating system (version 12.1.0) software includes a “text-to-speech”, pronouncing all the words or phrases that you type into a text box. Also changed by the Mozilla Gecko WebKit, Chrome and Sadati used.

The change is because they stopped giving Mozilla Gecko support for third-party applications built on last year. The notes of the new OS WebKit point is however that “a far superior alternative” and that users will experience “a more rapid onset of activity and a smoother browsing experience.”

Additionally included USB support for DisplayLink adapters and an update for the library offline Wikipedia that provides content in both English and Spanish.

Anything in supporting children, especially poor anoint always good news, these improvements seem to improve in much the experience to keep learning.

Link: One Laptop Per Child devices updated with text-to-speech and WebKit (The Verge)

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