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Posted by on Oct 31, 2012 in Science |

One of two things: Either information is faster than light, or the entire universe is interlinked

One of two things: Either information is faster than light, or the entire universe is interlinked

entanglement must be one of the most amazing phenomena of physics: By linking two or more particles in a single quantum state, when subsequently observes the state of a particle, one can predict the state of the other particle regardless the separating them. It is as if one knew what the other is doing and to communicate instantly with each other.

Interestingly, numerous experiments have shown that the two particles ‘communicate’ state between two different measurement points at a rate which would surpass that of light. The standard explanation for this phenomenon-the-town-is not considered that entangled particles are actually a single quantum system, even if they are far apart. It is an idea that bothers many (including Albert Einstein) but preserves the principle of relativity.

To find another explanation, many ideas have been proposed in recent decades, most of which fall into the category of hidden variables can not observe directly by experiment, so we could not have take this phenomenon for communication.

But a new analysis of a team of scholars who published the journal Nature Physics would indicate that any explanation for this phenomenon inevitably would open the possibility of faster-than light, because quantum entanglement can not pass information to any speed-even if it is inaccessible through experimentation because it is international, without involving other types of interactions that do violate the theory of relativity.

This is because there are two options: Either there are hidden variables and involves exchanging information at a speed greater than the speed of light, relativity challenging, or no unseen influences so existing may be infinitely fast , which would imply that the entire is non-local, meaning that all points can be connected to each other instantly.

One member of the academic team, Professor, University of Geneva, Nicolas Gisin, said “our results give us the idea that, somehow, the quantum correlations arise from outside of space-time.” Something nothing less.

Link: Quantum entanglement shows That reality can not be locally (Ars Technica)

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