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Posted by on Aug 18, 2012 in Companies, Internet |

OnLive, the pioneer of the games via streaming, changed owners and fire personnel

OnLive, the pioneer of the games via streaming, changed owners and fire personnel

They were the pioneers of the games via streaming over the Internet: the games are processed their data centers and the user receives the video image as encoded in a fairly revolutionary at the time. And maybe that’s why the ending is the most unexpected, since OnLive, the company founded by and promised to be the future of the gaming industry, failed to meet its operational difficulties, fired staff, and sold all its properties to a new company.

The original story is gameshotpedia who reported on yesterday : the majority of employees were fired from OnLive, even if from the inside of this insistence that everything was fine and the service would operate as at present. The official report indicates that someone actually took OnLive, but does not indicate exactly who, speculation talk may even be a partnership of other companies, although the identity of the buyers (and amount) remains a mystery.

Behind the abrupt end of (at least so far as is known) is a series of events that all led to tremendous difficulties seguiridad for the company to stay afloat. And is that while some service met their expectations of performance, was still too restrictive for a lot of people and that prevented their widespread implementation.

Even in America, speed restrictions and limits monthly usage of broadband remained a problem to solve and dependent on external services such as telephone operators. Moreover, the supply of about OnLive catalog today remains poor compared to the traditional market, and that this change requires that large publishers bet exclusively for the service. Clearly, despite the emergence of the digital market, the market for hard copies is still a majority of the total. And this without considering that Sony recently acquired its main competitor, Gaikai, for nearly $ 400 million. Without the support of a cluster at the level of Sony, was making life very difficult for Steve Perlman and his team.

Personally, I think that OnLive presents a solution to a problem that does not exist today: who wants to play and have a console or PC conditions. Maybe in 10 or 15 years a system via streaming games can be more than just a viable alternative, but today its premise rests on technological limitations that need to evolve naturally. Only then, when the network architecture is one or two steps ahead of the actual, OnLive and their peers may say that it’s time to change the game industry.

Link: Confirmed: OnLive’s assets sold to another company (Venture Beat)

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