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Posted by on Sep 7, 2012 in Hardware News |

Only 30% of Firefox users use hardware acceleration

Only 30% of Firefox users use hardware acceleration

in browsers was a feature well publicized at the time, a long time ago. However, it seems that Firefox users will take advantage of this option are not the majority, according to a report indicating that it is only used by 30% of these, while the specification using only 49% of users .

Obviously, the reasons for these numbers have a lot to do with the demands on drivers manufacturers, equipment configuration and operating system on which to run Firefox. Deglosando numbers, 67% of Firefox users on Windows 8 using hardware acceleration, and from there the percentage starts to decrease drastically to go back in the Windows version: Windows 7 47%, 17% in Vista, and only 13% in XP.

On the side of Mac and OS X, things are somewhat different in that virtually 100% of Firefox users on Apple’s operating system will take advantage of hardware acceleration, but the big difference makes the version : the option is present only in Firefox that runs on OS X 10.6, which in turn runs on computers powerful enough to support it.

The report is based on the bug reports they receive every day , and in some cases can tiptoe over 800,000. Interestingly, the release of Flash 11.3 in last June was that the number of reports being fired in Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Link: Only 30% of Firefox Browser Users Can Access Hardware Acceleration (ConceivablyTech)

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