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Posted by on Sep 30, 2012 in Software |

Open webOS out of beta and version 1.0 Debuts

Open webOS out of beta and version 1.0 Debuts

Less than a month ago, the beta of Open webOS became available to anyone who wanted to work on. And as promised in January, not September and finally ended just released the first full version of the operating system: 1.0.

Among the most noticeable changes on the beta, it tells a complete build of OpenEmbedded, allowing to run completely through an emulator. Also added some applications “fundamental”, such as a browser and e-mail, and support for Enyo 2.0 framework to develop applications and run them on webOS JavaScript or any other operating system.

In HP promise to continue working in the operating system, while they expect the community to do its part in the development of new applications and to bring webOS to other devices, and for that, he renewed the forums and income to support platform.

Finally, project managers are responsible to thank both your internal team, as all external engineers and volunteers who helped in recent months were achieved considerable progress, and more importantly, fulfill deadlines. Will have to see that the community is able to webOS Open and if the move to these “new and exciting” devices that were discussed before it ends up being successful.

Link: Open webOS 1.0 Edition (Official Site Open webOS)

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