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Posted by on Aug 31, 2012 in Entertainment, Science |

Opening Ceremony of the Paralympic Games celebrates the Higgs Boson

Opening Ceremony of the Paralympic Games celebrates the Higgs Boson

The ceremony of the 2012 Paralympic Games was held yesterday in London and this held some of the most important scientific discoveries of mankind. During the celebration was referred to the theory of the Big Bang to the representation of the boson discovery higgs.

Titled “birth” ceremony made a great effort to remind us of the many achievements that science has reached the benefit of humanity and as precisely these achievements are reflected in benefits for athletes who will be competing the next day.

Although some of the presentations were somewhat abstract, such as the “God particle” was represented by silver umbrellas, most scientific achievements are understood perfectly.

Even the famous scientist was present Stefen Hawking that as many already know, one of the greatest minds of our time inside a body that unfortunately suffers a terrible degenerative disease.

If they could not see the ceremony live at a league here we left for them to enjoy. Really it is so worth it to take a look, is very different from the ceremony of the Olympic Games and I think even a little emotional.

Link: Paralympic Opening Celebrates Science, Includes Higgs Boson Discover and (Geekosystem)

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