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Posted by on Jul 6, 2012 in Internet |

Opens BitTorrent protocol interface to use their web browsers

Opens BitTorrent protocol interface to use their web browsers

BitTorrent, Inc. , makers of file-sharing protocol BitTorrent, responsible for a large percentage of data traffic around the Internet, released BitTorrent Torque , a Java interface to the protocol can be used by Web in any page and for all types of browser.

This means that you can easily use the BitTorrent protocol to create addons and applications for any browser, making the most of this file sharing protocol. To help developers, the company launched the site Torque Labs where he currently shows two examples of applications that use the new interface, which is adding others over time.

One is OneClick , an addon that lets you download a torrent file through like a normal file downloaded directly from the browser. The other is PaddleOver , an application to exchange files directly to another computer just by dragging them to the application page.

This shows that the protocol goes beyond the exchange of files with doubtful copyright, and while still closing sites like ThePirateBay, torrent traffic seems to only continue to grow .

Link: Introducing BitTorrent Torque (

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