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Posted by on Jul 10, 2012 in Internet |

#OpPedoChat: Anonymous begins new crusade against pedophilia on the Internet

# OpPedoChat: Anonymous begins new crusade against pedophilia on the Internet

(Cc) jacsonquerubin

With a clear objective: Breaking down pedophiles on the Internet, launched its new that has been named # OpPedoChat, and which has attacked more than 100 Web sites with alleged pedophile, exposing their data also responsible .

YouTube is housed in a which explains the reasons that have inspired this #OpPedoChat, and specify where your goal is:

“Down, and if possible eradicate this pest (pedophilia) over the Internet: For the sake of our fans, for the good of mankind and for our own enjoyment, proceed to the systematic destruction of these pages continue to operate (…) We invite you to contact with journalists and bloggers to create political and social pressure against these sites. “

The details of the #OpPedoChat are explained in the following video (in English):

ZDNet explain that since the weekend began pedophile sites, affecting about 100, of which about 85 would be of service … It is worth noting that the intention is also to publish the data managers and users these sites.

Logically it is impossible to eliminate all child Pornography Web sites in one fell swoop, but a start.

And as we know it is not the first time in attacking Anonymous strives pedophile Websites: Back in October 2011 launched Operation #OpDarknet, attacking a server that hosted child pornographic content and publish data from their users, then we here.

Particularly welcome the cross because if the authorities do not execute effective measures to end on the Internet, someone has to do something, what do you think about the # OpPedoChat?

Link: Anonymous has a new target: Pedophiles (ZDnet)

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