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Posted by on Jul 4, 2012 in Hardware News |

OPTIS TREIA a demonstration of OpenCL accelerated-RT

OPTIS TREIA a demonstration of OpenCL accelerated-RT

News comes from an impressive by OPTIS, recognized as application developer OPTISWORKS, and others, which show the benefits of acceleration, using the API-accelerated GPU computing (GPGPU) OpenCL, in its application Theia-RT .

The show was held at the event last Fusion Developer Summit 2012, and it shows the capabilities of real-time Theia-RT application on a computer with an AMD graphics card, to control the point of view is Microsoft used the known control Kinect, with which they could manipulate the paint color and lighting reflective objects.

Without further ado here shows:

Link: Theia RT interactive lighting demo using OpenCL, FirePro graphics and Microsoft Kinect (OpenCL News)

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