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Posted by on Jul 2, 2012 in Software |

OPUCE: A platform for users to develop their own applications

OPUCE: A platform for users to develop their own applications


Thanks to researchers (CIT), University of Valladolid, in the future can any user without the need for computer skills, be able to create their own applications.

How is it possible? With the use of OPUCE platform, with which it can collect pieces that have been programmed by experts. What kind of parts can be? Different types of modules such as GPS tracking, calendars, messaging … So, as one of the coordinators, the user can “define parameters and create more complex applications.”

Actually this platform came from the idea that the user searches and get customizing applications to suit your needs.

According to the developers of its use is simple and intuitive, using logic blocks and setting standards. And set an example: A parent can create an application to send an SMS when your child is not in school.

Specifically, the platform has six blocks. Among them, the portal is the point of contact with the platform and lets you choose between a basic and an advanced editor. The core is designed for those without any computer knowledge or those who work with small screen terminals such as mobile phones. The advanced is for those who already have more knowledge.

Another block is the database where user profiles are and another controls the life cycle of services to be created.

There is also a block which is an execution core and one for automatically adapt services depending on the context in which a user is located. The last block … advertising.

Advertising will not be aggressive because they alert the user that has a greater chance of being interested in a service.

It may be an interesting option as there are pages to create a website without programming skills. Limintaciones course will have its course.

Link: A platform allows non-expert users to develop applications (Sync)

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