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Posted by on Jun 21, 2012 in Companies |

Oracle agree that Google will pay $0 for damage

Oracle agree that Google will pay $ 0 for damage

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Already completed the trial between and , Larry Ellison’s company agreed not to receive any payment for damages from the makers of Android, after losing much of the case that accused the company of violating its Mountain View and copyrights on Java.

Google was just found guilty of nine lines of code to copy but not to infringe the copyright of the APIs – that can not be registered under copyright law – nor violate any patent . Oracle may have attempted to be paid compensation for these nine lines of code, but chose not to, agreeing to a return of zero. That’s considerably less than the $ 6,100 million the company expected to obtain at the beginning of trial.

The judge handling the case, William Alsup, he was equally perplexed when we heard that Oracle would settle for “zero” and asked, “Is there any trick need to learn?”.

Oracle said it would appeal, trying to prove his case before the appeals court, seeking thereby to achieve greater compensation. Thus, the company is waiving the payment of damages for a swift end to this trial and move to the appeal. So apparently this story is not over yet.

Link: Oracle AGREED to ‘zero’ in Google lawsuit damages, eyes appeal (Computerworld)

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