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Posted by on Aug 20, 2012 in Companies |

Oracle and Google have paid bloggers refuse to write either of them

Oracle and Google have paid bloggers refuse to write either of them

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Judge William Alsup ordered Oracle and Google reveal the names of the “bloggers or commentators” who had been funded by companies to speak well of them during the trial that pitted two companies for a violation of patents in Android, which was finally discarded.

As expected, the companies denied funding for this type of activity. said that “retained” Florian Müller, FOSS Patents blogger as “consultant on matters related to competition, especially related to patents essential standard.”

Müller reported publicly in April this relationship with Oracle, and the company says was not asked to write the case. Muller has also made investigations for patents for Microsoft. The company added that although some employees of Oracle wrote about the case were not asked to.

responded similarly, stating that the company nor the lawyers paid no “author, journalist, commentator or blogger” for writing about the case, or any coverage requested.

Oracle had claimed in his lawsuit that Google maintained a “direct and indirect network of ‘influencers’” to prevaler its intellectual property agenda. Google said that while there are people who receive money indirectly from the company – through AdSense or donations to organizations such as universities, for example – was not paid to any person for the specific purpose of covering the case.

Oracle said not convinced by this response, keeping your claim. “The network is extensive, including lawyers, lobbyists, trade associations, academics and bloggers” they said.

It is unclear what the judge Alsup seeks to achieve with this information. Could try to measure the level of influence that had on the people who participated as a juror in the case, depending on what you read before or after the trial.

Link: Google, Oracle blogger details Revealed (The Guardian)

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