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Ordered the FBI to show evidence it has against Dotcom

Ordered the FBI to show evidence it has against Dotcom

New developments in the case Megaupload: The High court ordered the to disclose the evidence seized during the police operation that involved the arrest of the founder of Megaupload, Kim Dotcom.

Helen Winkelmann, the handling the case in New Zealand, said his country’s Constitution states who face proceedings as they have requested the authorities should be aware of all documents related to you:

“Without disclosure (of documents), the defendants will be significantly limited his ability to defend at the hearing, and the state would have an obvious advantage given their access to information,” said the judge.

In TorrentFreak explained that the request for Winkelmann implies that the FBI let lawyers and other defendants are aware of all research-related documents, including those obtained in covert operations.

Will they allow the FBI guys defending Dotcom may have access to such evidence? I guess not so easily given … at least not willingly. Come on, that if it were not Assange is going wrong with the theme of his application for asylum to Ecuador to have more faith in that first trickle on Wikileaks before the surrender to the FBI, do not you think?

The fact is that this measure will give the defense Dotcom information to prepare adequately and to meet the Obama administration’s accusations. Point for Dotcom also took this view recently in court to ask that New Zealand authorities’ thaw ‘a-bonds of that country.

The German computer needs to have explained that these goods to meet the high costs associated with their defense, which some sources claim that has already invested more than 2.5 million New Zealand dollars (about $2 million or 1, 6 million euros): Dotcom want to have these bonuses (valued at NZ $10 million, or about $8.7 million or 6.5 million euros) to place as collateral and borrow money to pay the legal costs of facing prosecution.

Recall that before the New Zealand authorities have allowed Dotcom dispose of property by order of U.S. $750 thousand (the whole of the property was “frozen” after arrest). However, the new request, which includes authorization to sell some of its luxury cars to get more cash, show that defense expenditures are you getting out of hand.

This is what America is fighting … Fortunately for Dotcom, has enough to deal with such expenditures: Can you imagine it would be a poor administrator of a P2P site if the Obama administration will apply the same medicine?

New Zealand Justice ordered the FBI to disclose information about Dotcom (Euronews)
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