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Posted by on Jul 25, 2012 in Featured, Reviews |

OS X Mountain Lion At First Sight

OS X Mountain Lion At First Sight

In mid-February of that year, announced the existence of the First Developer Preview of Lion Mountain and quickly gave my first impressions on that version that while he was still very polished showed fairly stable, or at least running better than Lion.

I tell this At First Sight in first person because I was all DP user mountain lion to reach the Golden Master. I will be as impartial as possible and I will put aside my dress Fanboy.

The first DP of Mountain Lion was relatively stable, open things fast and not many crashes, but sometimes the system was slow enough to boot, had some errors in the UI as texts out of place, wrong translations made, and so on.

Many applications like Garageband Apple’s own crasheaban and closed unexpectedly, Safari also had problems with text input fields and as much as you wrote did not show anything on the screen, was something waiting to have a solution in the next DP.

During the second and third DP of Mountain Lion several stability issues were resolved, others simply do not, it appeared more errors and bugs that were dragged to the Golden Master (final version). One is the horrible “beach ball” that appears random and does not let you even use the forced shutdown mode application (Command + Option + ESC) and had to shut down the computer using the power button when pressed for a few seconds .

OS X Mountain Lion At First Sight image 3

The fourth Developer Preview – from my point of view – not arranged such serious stability problems, sometimes I was in the Finder looking at pictures in a folder containing 300 items and when I moved halfway, the beach ball made its appearance, also when opening Fireworks CS5, or sailing in Safari.

Finally we reached the Golden Master, which is the final version hits the market. Guess what, yes, you guessed it, the problems with the beach ball go on and on, in fact before writing this note I had to forcibly shut down the computer … And watch out, not that I have many third party programs that interfere with the performance .

OS X Mountain Lion At First Sight image 4 Test Platform

The platform consists of the following tests.

– MacBook Pro Early 2011
– 4GB of RAM
– 2.3 GHz Core i5
– SSD Corsair Force 3 – 120GB

OSX 10.8.0, this is Mountain Lion

Apple says more than 200 new features that are present in this installment of OSX. I will take into account these characteristics and make a brief comment on some of them Do you think?.

OS X Mountain Lion At First Sight image 5

Changes to the UI

Lion Mountain Lion at the interface changes are quite subtle. The floor of the dock is now more solid, leaving aside the transparent appearance it had before. Beside the Spotlight magnifying glass is an icon that when pressed opens the wonderful center of claims that is one of the things that rescue of OSX 10.8. There are some changes in the icons, but there’s nothing else I can call attention to a man like me.

OS X Mountain Lion At First Sight image 6

Notification center

My favorite in terms of changes concerns the notification center. This bar meets notifications of accounts that can be connected to OSX, for example, icloud, Exchange, Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, Twitter, Facebook, etc. In the case of these latter two, in addition to receiving the notifications, you can publish directly to your time lines with just one click. I remember that in order linkear Facebook to OSX, you must be a developer or wait until September, with Twitter problemas.Da no shame when you click on any mention of Twitter that are in the notification center takes me straight to the web rather than open the application.

OS X Mountain Lion At First Sight image 7

Facetime and Photobooth

You ask “Why are you commenting on Facetime if that feature is available for several months?” The truth is that I always had a complaint against Facetime, which is that there is a process that runs on the 2nd level and makes use excessive CPU , which leads to a shorter battery life. The same happens in PhotoBooth (among others). This problem exists from Lion, Leopard and Snow was not so evident. Some people report that this process consumes 95% of the CPU.

OS X Mountain Lion At First Sight image 8

icloud and document management

Something that has saved me several times is the support that makes OSX thanks to icloud my documents. This works very simple: I start writing a document, select that I want to keep in icloud and as I write will support in the cloud. Interesting, is not it?.

Personally it has helped me a lot and has avoided many headaches. Once I had a Kernel Panic and thanks to OSX had endorsed my paper in the cloud did not lose a very important article that could have meant that Cony scold me.

OS X Mountain Lion At First Sight image 9

Air Mirroring

Unfortunately I could not try, because I have an Apple TV so you can see the screen of my Mac “TV”. However, reports of others show that this feature works quite well. Got a photo of someone already tried it for highlighting how this works.

OS X Mountain Lion At First Sight image 10


If you have an iPhone 4S know perfectly well what I mean. Dictation functions as a voice recognition for those times when your finger weigh more than normal and can not move them around the keyboard. To activate press repeatedly – 2 times – the Fn key and dictate in English, French, German or Japanese.

Apple, we Dictation in Spanish!

OS X Mountain Lion At First Sight image 11

Reminders, Notes and all that remained to be iOSX

When I installed the first DP of Mountain Lion said, “This is iOSX”. He called my attention to the presence greatly Notes and Reminders, applications that were present in IOS5 and part of icloud. Now all your Apple devices can be perfectly synchronized or “almost” because in the Notes application has several problems with this paragraph, and one of them played a trick on me.

The case was: I deleted a note, and none of my devices already present, then magically reappeared and that note was seen by someone else – obviously did not want to see. Bad there, Apple.

Safari on steroids

Something for the development of Mountain Lion went slowly polishing is Safari. At first I was full of errors, the closed one, but is now much more stable. The share button works really well and “icloud tabs” function after several months, this feature results in order to view the tabs I have open in my IOS devices and to rescue them in Safari, it avoids the need to throw everything the “Reading List”.


This update to Mountain Lion Lion is comparable to that of Leopard and Snow Leopard where the launch of the first of the duo had so many errors of stability that was necessary to make a sequel that besides fixing some bugs bring some news that came out of the ordinary. While many bugs have been fixed in this official release, because I shudder to think that yesterday I had to restart my computer using the power button, as the appearance of a “beach ball” could be prevented from retaking control of the system when there was more intensive applications using the CPU.

I hope that gradually correcting errors and OSX will again be the same OS stable for several years.

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