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Posted by on Aug 5, 2012 in Social Networks |

Over 230 million people play on Facebook each month

Over 230 million people play on Facebook each month

Zynga and other guests while they fight over copyright issues on have no problem with people who spend many hours in front of the little games. According to new statistics, during the last 30 days there were over 230 million people playing in the network, either from the ancient Tower Blox to any of the Zynga Ville.

It is not the only interesting thing that gave Doug Purdy, director of product development for the social network. At the same time period, more than 150 million people went directly from Facebook to Apple’s App Store or Google Play, and 8 of the 10 highest-grossing iOS applications have direct integration with Facebook.

The number of Purdy were part of a talk about Facebook as an “engine of growth”, and how application developers such third party are taking advantage of the social network, and how they can go further to maximize the reach to and consequently, profits. says that since the beginning of the network realized that there were many things that would be meaningful to its users, but they would not be able to build all those experiences and that is why they focused on their platform development easy for you to rest.

Thus explains the explosion of existing applications in the social network. The complete presentation can be viewed straight after, but the absence of subtitles, a good understanding of English is almost mandatory.

Link: 230 Million People On Games Played In The Last 30 Days (TechCrunch)

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