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Posted by on Jun 6, 2012 in Internet, Social Networks |

Over 6 million LinkedIn passwords were leaked to the net

Over 6 million LinkedIn passwords were leaked to the net

The largest network of professionals, has just been the victim of an apparent hacking attack that managed to leak at least 10% of the of Users of this platform. Although the data are encrypted, however it is advised to change passwords as soon as possible.

According to reports, a user belonging to a Russian forum would have leaked about 6.46 million passwords, which despite being encrypted, it could also easily have downloaded the user name that belongs to each of these, independent difficulty that these have.

Also, the Finnish firm CERT-FI began to warn users that cybercriminals could access even to their email accounts, which would be quite safe if they use the same password for several accounts in other services .

LinkedIn currently has over 150 million users worldwide, so it is believed that the theft of these passwords pro affect at least 10% of users. No doubt a severe blow to the reputation of this network of professional contacts.

So far, LinkedIn has only referred to the fact through his Twitter account where they are published reports looking at the passwords that were stolen.

For the safety of our data in this network, we can only recommend that you change your password on the network and please be a completely different to the rest of your accounts and services where you are registered on the Internet.

Link: LinkedIn 6.46 million passwords leaked online (ZDNet)

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