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Posted by on Nov 26, 2012 in Companies, Software |

Over 80% of employees use their own devices at work

Over 80% of employees use their own devices at work

ESET conducted a survey which revealed that 82% of employees in Latin America using their own mobile to enhance and streamline their outstanding work.

Of this, at least 96.7% of them work information stored on your computer which represents a risk to the company because through these could potentially have access to sensitive information.

From the respondents, only 22% agreed to have erased this information after using it obviously brings the rest probably still loading Excel tables and access to servers. Furthermore, 25% of them do not know whether or not policies for managing enterprise-class information.

While many companies allow this practice to save some money, it is wrong to do so and is also able to lose important data, some devices (such as USB drives simple) can invade the entire work environment with a virus .

The risk is the same for all, simply a careless carry a USB infected having used it in an internet cafe in use at work to begin infecting everyone, some may think that is an exaggeration but if it happens and more often than you think.

Companies need to provide all the necessary materials for that employee perform work that includes the means to carry data as well as necessary protection software, meanwhile, employees need.

Link: 82% of employees use their own devices at work (La Jornada)

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