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Posted by on Jun 26, 2012 in Internet |

Owner of the NBA’s Miami Heat sues Google for not remove photo

Owner of the NBA's Miami Heat sues Google for not remove photo

One of the owners of (NBA champions) Raanan Katz, sued for copyright infringement by failing to delete a photo in which he is ugly and he said, the image is partially distorted by their nature somewhat ” flattering “.

And in the photograph in question appears Katz eyebrows arched and his tongue outside the mouth while he was watching a basketball game.

The image became an Internet after the rise and thus began masificarse. To be so ugly, Katz requested to justice the author after this remove the photo while Google will compensate for not lowering the picture of your servers.

On the other hand, is not the first time this demand Katz anonymous blogger who is dedicated to exposing the shadowy operations that makes this man in Miami real estate market, and other questionable behavior.

Google would be involved in the case for failure to withdraw his photography hosted blogging service, when the owner of this sent a petition to remove the image.

Then it became known the news of this lawsuit, the owner of the Miami Heat was the victim of Streisand effect and the image began to spread around the net.

Recall that the Internet giant receives daily requests of this type, which approved most requests (97%) and the remaining 3% is where Katz is right now.

Link: Google sued for not Removing ugly photo of Miami Heat owner (CNet)

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