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Posted by on Nov 9, 2012 in Internet |

P2P services fall as streaming services become popular

P2P services fall as streaming services become popular

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Although had its heyday around 2004, when he blamed some studies 35% of all Internet traffic, consumer habits have changed and video replaced the need to download it all, with the birth of YouTube and Nertflix, for example.

A study by the Canadian company Sandvine shows that in North America, Europe and Asia traffic on networks – while still important – has been falling steadily since 2010, in favor of streaming content services.

In North America, the real-time entertainment represents 65.2% of download traffic during peak hours, while in Asia reached 53.5% and Europe 38.5%. is the one that tops the offer in the first region, with 33% of downstream traffic.

Sandvine has interesting conclusions about it, indicating that the fluctuations observed between countries in the use of streaming media “is due in large part to the availability of high-level video in variety of countries, based on our observations, countries with lower figures in real time entertainment usually have higher levels of file sharing, which leads us to believe that subscribers are probably using applications like BitTorrent to get audio and video that otherwise is not available in your region “.

“We believe the reason for the low (BitTorrent) is due to the increase in entertainment options in real time legitimate and cheaply available to consumers,” says the document.

For 2015, the company forecasts that real-time entertainment will reach to represent two-thirds of download traffic. It also indicates that the 2014 Rio World will beat the made by a streaming sporting event.

Link: Global Internet Phenomena Report (Sandvine)

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