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Posted by on May 20, 2012 in Social Networks |

Pakistan blocks access to Twitter for conduct “blasphemous” by its users

Some time ago, was part of the eastern countries that were blocking Twitter , but then this measure arose and microblogging network functioned relatively normal. Until now, when it is reported that was finally banned in the country, and for religious reasons.

Or rather, reasons involving religion. It turned out that Twitter had apparently sort of competition to create caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad, so that the relevant authorities, the Ministry of Information and Technology asked Twitter users to stop and delete your messages. Obviously, Twitter ignored the request, and the result was a government order to Internet providers to access to the blue bird.

However, since the association of ISPs in Pakistan say the situation was different, and that the blockade was performed directly by the government and with little notice to the suppliers were just above the chain links. And apparently, the positions between the Pakistani government and people responsible for Twitter differ radically: first, the officers in charge of the issue say they are in negotiations and do not know how long to lock. On the other hand, from Twitter are emphatic in saying that “can not arrest any person” to do what you want on the site, such as drawing cartoons of Muhammad.

According to the report of the Tribune Express, you can access Twitter via mobile browsers that pre-processed data, such as Opera Mini. It also adds an internet provider, anonymously, suggested to his clients and proxies Vtunnel used to bypass the block number. Be seen as the delay in resolving the problem, if at all resolved.

Link: Twitter blocked across Pakistan over ‘blasphemous drawings’ (Express Tribune)

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