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Posted by on Jul 9, 2012 in Science |

Pakistan ignores physical theory helped Higgs boson

Pakistan ignores physical theory helped Higgs boson

(CC) Wikimedia Commons

The physicist Abdus Salam (1926-1996) is the only Pakistani Nobel laureate, and was the first Muslim to get this recognition. His contribution to particle has again come to the fore this past week and his theoretical work was essential for the development of the theory of the Higgs boson , to create the mechanism that describes how this boson gives mass to elementary particle .

Despite these achievements in any country would be enough to be treated as a hero, considering the recent announcements of CERN , in on behalf of is banned from textbooks and is rarely mentioned by the media as the physical belonged to the Ahmadiyya community , a minority sect of Muslims who suffer severe discrimination in Pakistan, where even require all citizens to sign an oath where they refuse to belong to the Ahmadiyya movement when they ask for your passport.

The Abdus Salam headstone had to be modified even when policies were radicalized against the sect, and after a court order came to say that the physicist was “the first Muslim to win a Nobel Prize ‘, to say that was incoherently the ‘first won a Nobel Prize’, for according to the Constitution of Pakistan , the Ahmadiyya community members can not call themselves Muslims.

Link: Pakistan shuns physicist linked to ‘God particle’ (Yahoo News)

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