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Posted by on Jun 6, 2013 in Gadgets |

Panasonic commitment to 4K on a tablet [At first]

Panasonic commitment to 4K on a tablet [At first]

Is really the future of TV? Can we see this type of in our PC? has shown us what to them is something very close on a forum, its first with 4K resolution .

Although we make clear that this is still a prototype, and that its characteristics may vary on the day it hits the market, it is quite interesting to say the prototype is a team with such a good finish. With a large 20-inch screen tablet format – although you could say it’s more of a PC you can move – this tablet is surely the mobile device market with higher resolution.

We briefly tested this prototype and the truth is that if we forget that has the Start button on the bottom, it seems that we are seeing a small, flat TV. Although it is not clear the final use can be given will depend on the type of user who can buy something like this device.

Some of its features are its 20-inch IPS Alpha with a pixel density of 230 PPI. But if we look past your screen and you can play video in 4K, its characteristics are fairly simple.

We met up with an Intel Core i5 1.80 GHz, NVIDIA graphics card, a memory, 128GB SSD, 4GB of RAM and using Pro operating system.

Does your tablet / PC staff 4K?

Panasonic commitment to 4K on a tablet [At first] image 2

What kind of user wants a tablet of this size 4K? Who can afford it? It seems that this bet is for the development of higher resolution screens than current 1080p in smaller formats.

Once past the Fever 3D technology producing companies like Panasonic or Sony are starting to push hard the 4K, and learning it the mistakes made with the 3D, we want to expand it to all kinds of devices.

But the resolution, the panel type and of course, the use of a digital pen that can be used with great precision can allow this kind of tablets can be a pretty interesting device for professionals.

But while we wait for 4K standards exist, really exist video options that you can buy in this kind of resolution, this is a nice product, four best feature is yet to be defined.

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