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Posted by on Jun 19, 2013 in Hardware News |

Panasonic PT-DZ13K: 12,000 lumens projector world’s lightest

Panasonic PT-DZ13K: 12,000 lumens projector world's lightest

The has a weight of 24 kg and an output of 12,000 lumens. Projector is touted as great rooms, lighter and brighter world.

The high gloss they deliver her two 380W lamps with long life 4,000 hours each.

Designed for use in exhibitions, The PT-DZ13K, not being so heavy simplifies further reducing logistics costs.

To meet different installation situations, Panasonic has developed a full range of projector lenses. Available lenses ranging from ultra-short lens (0.9x) to a long-zoom lens (13.8x) and all are capable of projecting an image up to 1000 inches.

Another key difference is its three-chip DLP engine, which has a high resolution of 1920 × 1200 and manages artifacts provide images lacking such “rainbow”.

Panasonic PT-DZ13K: 12,000 lumens projector world's lightest image 2

Besides having video inputs as serial digital interface (SDI), DVI and HDMI, the projector PT-DZ13K is also compatible with the new Digital Link interface through an external module.

Using a standard Ethernet cable, allows data to be transmitted up to 100 meters away, with minimal signal degradation due to Digital Link interface. This is true even in uncompressed Full HD video, audio, network and remote control commands.

First announced in April, the Panasonic PT-DZ13K now available worldwide and sells for around $ 60,000.

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