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Posted by on Nov 29, 2012 in Social Networks |

Parents have called “Hashtag” his daughter in honor of Twitter

We have seen babies baptized in honor of Facebook, and “Like” in Israel and “Facebook” in Egypt . These girls can now add “Hashtag” Jameson, whose proud mother put a picture on the social network Zuckerberg announcing the birth. For some reason these bad have led the girls. What, parents XXI century?

It is not entirely clear whether the photo is a joke or is it true, as the media have failed to confirm the veracity of the photo. Although the name may seem strange, given to fear about the future when the child will go to school, perhaps the case does not seem so implausible given the first two cases mentioned at the beginning of this note, in addition to the amount of strange names possibly have seen occur in our daily lives.

Apparently inspired by the technology is becoming more popular to baptize children, as we have not heard of babies named “ICQ”, “Commodore” or “Atari”, but you never know.

Link: Baby Hashtag: Has the search for names Original Gone Too Far? (The Guardian)

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