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Posted by on Nov 8, 2012 in Companies |

Patent Troll Sues Google, Intel and hundreds of companies to encrypt web traffic

Patent Troll Sues Google, Intel and hundreds of companies to encrypt web traffic

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An unknown company based in Texas called TQP Development, has sued hundreds of companies to offer on their websites, so basic to the operation of the network that seems inconceivable respect. Among the defendants are Google, Apple, eBay, Intel, Expedia, Yelp and others.

According to the company, are entitled to receive royalty for the use of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer (TLS). Both protocols are the basis for almost all data encryption used to authenticate websites and move data between them and users.

TQP has sued hundreds of companies since 2008, and some of them seem to have reached agreements with the company before reaching a judgment. This is a common strategy among patent trolls, trying to extort money from companies before getting to grips at trial. Companies, with the high cost of having to pay a defense and the risk of being found guilty and having to pay a fine, pass some bills prefer to troll and save the trial.

On Friday, the company filed suit against Intel, Wind River Systems and Hertz by using RC4 encryption in combination with or protocols. Many companies have started using RC4 because it is immune to recent attacks that violate the above protocols allow.

The case back reveals the problems in the software patent system in the United States, which allows for such abuses are practically standard technologies. Companies simply can not stop encrypting data traffic, since the risk of a breach of security and privacy of users increase incredibly (which could also cause lawsuits against companies).

Link: Patent suit target Google, Intel, Hundreds more web traffic for encrypting (ArsTechnica)

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