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Posted by on Oct 13, 2012 in Companies |

Patent Troll wants to create a DRM system for 3D printers

Patent Troll wants to create a DRM system for 3D printers

All we are looking forward to a price reduction of 3D printers (because today is an expensive hobby) to focus on building and all those little things that we’ve always wanted to have .

However, in this hypothetical world where we all have in our homes a 3D printer to replace any plastic part breaking of our gadgets, and there are people trying to take advantage by DRM.

On Tuesday the and Trademark Office of the United States received a request from Intellectual Ventures, Nathan Myhrvold’s company, former CTO of Microsoft and who as a proud autoreconoce patent troll – and that would be a system to prevent people from printing objects copyrighted and have not paid a license.

The patent, called “Manufacturing Control System” describes the method for handling ‘copyright objects’, ie, the detested DRM . The idea is that when you load the file to the printer from a 3D model, it will check if you have the rights to make the object, what material you’re doing it, how many times you’ve done it, and so on.

Evidently immediately appeared critical voices, because after all not patentable objects like spoons also ideal in that world where all have 3-D printers is that the market should sell you just the material they build it your valuables, as currently in regular printers they sell sheets of paper, and you are not scrutinizing about what you print with it.

Manufacturing Control System (USPTO)
Nathan Myhrvold’s Cunning Plan to Prevent Piracy 3-D Printer (Technology Review)

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