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Posted by on Aug 17, 2012 in Science |

PayPal Founder supports company that prints synthetic meat

PayPal Founder supports company that prints synthetic meat

Thiel Foundation – owned by Peter Thiel, founder of PayPal – has made generous donations to several biotech startups, which include a 3D meat you want to print.

The is called Modern Meadow is located in the state of Missouri, and its makers think they can help reduce the environmental cost of producing a hamburger. The company explains that the carefully placed layers of different cells in a specific structure, you can create in-vitro meat .

The short term goal is to print a piece of an inch by an inch and less than an inch thick, supposed to be edible.

In a statement sent to the department of agriculture of the United States, Modern Meadow boys explained: “The technology has many advantages over past attempts which tried to create in-vitro meat. The bio-ink particles can be prepared from mixtures of different cells. When printed ensures that has a consistent, while the formation of the structure after printing and maturation of bio reactor facilitates their conditioning. “

However, accept that the greatest difficulties lie not in technology and commented: “The consumer acceptance of a product of this nature involves many challenges. We expect the first guests who seek to take this food are vegetarians reject eating meat for ethical reasons. With the reduction in price, you can reach certain groups with religious restrictions such as the Hindu or Jewish, and finally could reach parts of the population with limited access to meat. “

Not you but if it smells good, tastes good and does no harm, and I am eating steak every day, of course, given that it is cheaper to go to a butcher.

Link: PayPal Founder Backs Synthetic Meat Printing Company (Wired)

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