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Posted by on Oct 15, 2012 in Companies |

PayPal would be by fire a significant number of employees

PayPal would be by fire a significant number of employees

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There is a very large percentage considering the total employees of the firm, but the number is constantly being important. According to unnamed sources within the company, its directors could eliminate up to 300 jobs.

begin to arrive in the coming weeks, and apparently all becomes part of a restructuring of certain operations within PayPal, mainly oriented to the technological. Of course, everything has to do with reducing costs, streamlining processes, and eliminate inefficient practices such as “excess meetings,” according to the original report.

Of course, since does not confirm nor deny anything, they merely reply that while restructuring plans and streamlining its operations and employees were informed, have not yet made decisions about the future of their jobs . Moreover, the current president of the company and admitted in recent interviews that PayPal needs to be aware of what your competition is doing, mainly start-ups, and that means “to be more agile.”

While these are still rumors, surely that current employees of PayPal should be somewhat uneasy about the situation. And usually, that kind of “denials” always ends the same: confirming the rumors.

Link: EBay’s PayPal Said to Cut as Many as 400 Jobs (Bloomberg)

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