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Posted by on Nov 20, 2012 in Hardware News |

PC graphics market share Q3 2012

PC graphics market share Q3 2012

Sales volume of Q3 2012 (July to September) is fairly analyzed, as are the latest figures will this year (Q4 2012 analyzes will be next year). This time we get reports market graph (x86 GPUs for desktop and laptop) of Q3 2012.

In Q3 2012 we appreciate that has significantly decreased its share rising from 42.75% in Q2 2012 (April to June) to 34.95%, while has increased its stake from 57.25% from Q2 2012 to 65.05% in This Q3 2012.

From the above figures we have AMD holds a stake of 35.7% in desktop GPUs and 34.2% in GPUs, while Nvidia has a 64.3% share in desktop GPUs and 65.08% in notebook GPUs.

There are several factors that could have influenced these figures of AMD, on the one hand we have the lack of economic GPUs (low economic performance and Cape Verde “Radeon HD 7700 Series”) made by AMD 28nm for segment laptop (besides the lateness of the appearance of interchangeable graphics technology AMD Enduro), a factor that may have meant him losing the job provider GPUs for Apple MacBook, besides hardly have presented new GPUs in this season .

The aggressive price cuts on their GPUs, combined with the performance improvements of recent drivers and the best bundle , AMD could contribute to better results in Q4 2012; unless Nvidia prepare a contingency of this, what not be surprising, since both manufacturers of GPUs traditionally we are accustomed to some price cuts on dates close to Christmas.

Link: AMD GPU Declines on Losses; Wells Sees Hope in Cost Cuts, Consoles (Barron’s)

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