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Posted by on Jun 22, 2012 in Hardware News |

Penguin Computing OpenCL accelerated sample MATLAB

Penguin Computing OpenCL accelerated sample MATLAB

The event Developer Summit (AFDS) 2012 ends in 8 days, but many of the demonstrations in it are still in the news. News From comes a demonstration of accelerated (OpenCL) by Penguin Computing.

MATLAB is a widely used application that provides a programming environment for algorithm developers, data analysis and visual computing and numerical, and thanks to GPU (OpenCL) offers better performance.

Penguin Computing, a company dedicated to providing solutions to the market for high performance computing (HPC or High Performance Computing), gave a demonstration of OpenCL accelerated MATLAB on a server 2a00 Altus, based on the AMD APU-3850 A8 (PGI AMD HD 6550D), which can be seen below:

Link: Demo of MATLAB running on an AMD APU Trinity accelerated by OpenCL (OpenCL News)

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