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Posted by on Jun 13, 2012 in Companies |

Pentagon file reveals secrets about the private life of Steve Jobs

Pentagon file reveals secrets about the private life of Steve Jobs

Apparently there were still not declassified passages about the life of the deceased co-founder of Apple, Steve . A tab came to light in Wired magazine , dating from the 1980, which examines the past of Jobs in a security check.

The document reflects that Jobs was frightened of the possibility that his illegitimate daughter was abducted, to extort and blackmail, “primarily for money, not because I have access to Top Secret material or documents” he said in this tab.

It also includes some trouble that this character would have had with the police, including an arrest for not paying a fine for driving extended to him speeding.

The document is possible to see how the co-founder of also refers to his famous LSD, where he confesses that “I have no words to explain the effect of LSD gave me, yet I can say it was an experience that changed my life positively and I am glad to have lived. “ Jobs said he had consumed between 12 and 15 times this substance between 1972 and 1974.

Jobs also recounted his adventures with the “Blue Box” device that allowed make free long distance calls from payphones. Jobs says he built one when I was 14, and saw him as a “technical challenge” rather than a way to break the law.

The declassified file includes several other adventures and events in the life of Steve Jobs, where he recounts his travels and experiences, their emotional health, among others.

Although it is not clear why he made this security check on Jobs, according to the biography by Walter Isaacson, was necessary because there were contracts between Pixar and intelligence agencies for the latter could use work computers for rendering information reconnaissance flights and satellites.

The consultation on its past took place in 1988 when Jobs was president of NeXT and Pixar still owned.

Link: Steve Jobs’ Pentagon File: Blackmail Fears, Youthful Arrest and LSD Cubes (Wired)

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