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Posted by on Jun 13, 2012 in Social Networks |

Pepsi and Twitter announced commercial agreement to offer free music downloads

Pepsi and Twitter announced commercial agreement to offer free music downloads

continues to grow, generate interest in all the major brands in the world and major television networks, is used to measure audiences, moods, organize demonstrations, even to him claim the birth of civil rebellion, but blood is still struggling , sweat and tears into real gains.

The general user has expressed its rejection of initiatives and advertising insert sponsored tweets in their timelines suspicious, so perhaps the option to generate revenue could come from agreements such as that experienced in recent days between the network microblogging social and popular beverage brand.

and Twitter begin to work together to offer the approximately 140 million social network users, live concerts, videos and free music downloads.

The agreement is framed within the international campaign “Live for Now” that drives the beverage company to reach out to consumers through music. Every Wednesday for 52 weeks, the service “Live for Now Music” featuring music newsletter, new trends and profiles of artists. Those who follow and interact with this newsletter can download songs at no cost through the MP3 store, just following the profile of Pepsi and using a hash related.

In the United States may also be viewed via live streaming, various concerts sponsored by the same campaign, and nowhere says you have to like Pepsi.

For Brad Jakeman, global president of drinks, the agreement with Twitter “is fascinating on several levels. Twitter is the media’s most notorious moment in and combines naturally with the essence of our campaign. “

Perhaps the companies begin to find in this type of response actions seeking to reach the millions of Twitter users, as well as achieving social network to see a bit of cash in their pockets.

Link: Pepsi will use Twitter as a marketing tool in its strategy focused on music (

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