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Posted by on Jun 15, 2012 in Internet, Social Networks |

Peruvian teenager announced his suicide on Facebook and SMS

Peruvian teenager announced his suicide on Facebook and SMS

Something about and Facebook. A year ago, a woman who had 1,000 friends on the social network announced that he would take his life , and none gave a warning or attempted to prevent the decision. Three months ago, a girl in Taiwan committed suicide while talking to nine friends on Facebook . Apparently not the only cases, and launched a “suicide prevention tool” for the United States for some time.

Now, a Peruvian teenager 15 years was fired via Facebook and their friends, and then commit suicide. You may have chosen this drastic decision after finishing with her boyfriend, besides having suffered eviction from her home by her stepfather, according to evidence that the portal collects Trome.

The body of the victim, who was currently enrolled in junior year, was found Wednesday afternoon on the bed of which was his room, all in the city of Cieneguilla Set the lower body was found message written on a paper where he apologizes to her mother for taking this decision.

This girl’s friends said they saw on Facebook a publication farewell to this world, and have received on their cell phones texting revealing the same intention on the part of the child.

Another child said that the message was that would make a “long journey” but did not imagine that he would take his life. Facebook not to blame in these cases, but it is noteworthy that despite the scope that the social network, and the amount of “friends” that we have there, one of his inner circle was able to elucidate and connect these parting words with what would later end in suicide.

Link: Quinceañera announced Facebook suicide (Trome)

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