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Posted by on Jul 6, 2012 in Science |

Peter Higgs: “I have no idea” what it is for the Higgs boson

The name of Higgs has been much talk this week after CERN announced to have found a particle that appears to be the Higgs by that name. But the particle was so named by a British physicist named who in 1964 along with other scientists proposed a theory to explain why matter has mass.

Higgs, 83, said regarding the discovery that “it is nice to be right sometimes.” He said it seemed strange that a particle had name, and suggested that he change his name to “H”.

The physicist also admitted having “no idea” what may have practical applications this discovery . “There is only a very short time. Probably is one millionth of a millionth of a millionth of a millionth of a second. I do not know how to apply that to something useful, “he said.

And is that the “usefulness” of the is rather theoretical, as part of the things that help us understand the world . The scientist spoke at a conference at the University of Edinburgh, where he first published his theory of boson.

Higgs said he did not think the particle would be discovered while he was alive, but said he had no doubts about the existence of the boson. “The existence of the particle is so crucial to understand how the rest of the theory (the Standard Model) which was very difficult for me to understand how it could not be there,” he said.

He also said he had been contacted by Stephen Hawking, who – in addition to losing $ 100 with the discovery – suggested that Higgs had to win the Nobel Prize.

Asked about his opinion on whether the discovery of the particle is proof that God does not exist – something that began to argue when they began to call “the God particle” to the Higgs – Higgs said the name of “God particle “It was a joke made by another scholar who originally called the “particle damn” (goddamn) because it was hard to find.

The Higgs boson helps explain how fundamental particles gain mass, a property that allows them to unite and form the elements we know of the universe such as stars and planets.

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