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Posted by on Jul 15, 2012 in Entertainment |

Peter Jackson explains why The Hobbit at Comic-Con was the traditional 24fps

Peter Jackson explains why The Hobbit at Comic-Con was the traditional 24fps

Peter Jackson’s decision to film at 48 frames per second instead of the traditional 24fps, did not cause much noise until the film was the first time and there were many spectators who came dissatisfied with the footage. The reason? The feeling of “no film” left to see a movie that has a much more fluid movement than normal, more like the television standard.

During the these days, turned to show a preview of the tape to be released later this year recently, to the surprise of those who wanted to know why there was so much questioning to 48fps, this advance was the rate of traditional fps.

explains in detail his Facebook site:

We have shown the same progress in both formats at 24fps and 48fps. The response at 48 frames per second has been extremely positive.

But some people report focused not on the content of what they see, but the negative reaction it generated see 10 minutes at a rate of frames per second highest. And this reaction convinced me that the only way to enjoy this new experience is to sit and watch the entire movie, not a trailer. Do I want the reports of the Hobbit at Comic-Con are all about 48 frames per second? Of course not.

The theme of the frames per second has serious implications for the entire industry, and it is important to be evaluated in the context as fair as possible. I think I present a short progress in a convention center full of people is not the best way to do it.

Jackson regrets that there are people who ran out to try the new way of filming, but promises not to disappoint anyone when the film is released later this year. Will have to see if the format is spreading around the world (including our Latin America), which can be half as complex investment that cinemas will have to do to play the movie will not be cheap .

Link: Facebook of Peter Jackson (via The Verge )

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