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Posted by on Aug 30, 2012 in Hardware News |

PGS Sapphire: The A300 Series APUs AMD FirePro arrived

PGS Sapphire: The A300 Series APUs AMD FirePro arrived

It’s been several days after the announcement of the A300 Series FirePro of AMD, the first APU based on core-GL (itself based on the micro-architecture Piledriver ) focused on economic workstations, but so far shone absent.

The wait is over, and who throws the first products based on the new A300 Series APU FirePro: Professional PGS its new , comprised of a combo (bundle) that includes a motherboard Sapphire A3 PGS M Series and APU A320 or A300 FirePro.

The A300 Series AMD APU offer good performance in intensive graphical operations workstation also include technology Compute Discrete Offload (GPUs support the V3900 and FirePro V4900), which allows to combine the power of computation (GPGPU) and graphic its IGP with a dedicated video card FirePro.

Sapphire announces that its solution offers performance similar to that of dedicated GPUs as AMD FirePro V3900, which comes to pass in some test:

PGS Sapphire: The A300 Series APUs AMD FirePro arrived image 2

The motherboard has a robust construction (industrial grade as Sapphire’s own) and has three display outputs (Dsub / DVI / DisplayPort) support that can grow up to five or six screens, adding dedicated FirePro graphics, and certification for a wide list of applications for workstations.

Sapphire has not revealed the price of its new platform.

Link: PGS Professional Platform Sapphire (Sapphire)

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