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Posted by on Aug 20, 2012 in Hardware News |

Phi has 62 Intel Xeon cores running at 1GHz over

Phi has 62 Intel Xeon cores running at 1GHz over

Some months ago, decided to change the name of your knights corner by Xeon Phi , new name that is ready to conquer the industry focused on servers and high performance computing (HPC). From VR-Zone we get some new data on the new Intel chip and monstrous.

Although in previous Intel xeon merely mentioned that Phi would have more than 50 cores, according to new information Xoen Phi will have a total of 62 cores in its full version, but it is possible that Intel sells chips also not fully functional with some cores disabled, so we would have versions with between 48 to 62 cores.

Phi Xeon cores
As mentioned in previous articles, Xeon Phi consists of up to 62 cores, where each has an integer processing unit in order x86 execution (in-order), being a direct descendant of the old P5 architecture from which descend Pentium microprocessors, Pentium MMX, Atom (Bonnell microarchitecture) and obviously Xeon Phi.

It is noteworthy that each of these nuclei has no floating point unit (FPU), which are replaced by 512-bit SIMD units (very similar to the shader processors of the video card) capable of executing instructions FMA instruction set much more advanced than the current FMA instructions 3/4 that are capable of running AMD microprocessors based on Bulldozer micro-architecture and Piledriver, and that Intel plans to introduce in future Xeon CPUs based on the micro-architecture Haswell (Haswell-EX / EP / EN).

Each core consists of 16 SIMD 32-bit ALUs, which working together are able to execute complex instructions and integer vector calculus, which can be used as a very powerful floating-point unit, and will be exploited by applications through the Intel compiler and other compilers to express support to the instruction set of Xeon Phi.

Symmetric multithreading (SMT) Xeon Phi
Each core that conforms to Phi Xeon is capable of running four threads processing, ie 4 x86 instructions and 4 512-bit vector instructions (or 64 instructions 32-bit integers), thanks to technology symmetric multithreading ( SMT) held; worth mentioning that Intel applied this technology for many years in their microprocessors from the launch of its micro-architecture Northwood (Pentium 4 2.4 C), and commercially known as HyperThreading.

The memory controller Xeon Phi
Intel announced that Phi would Xeon versions with up to 16GB of ECC memory GDDR5 512-bit bus, but the first Xeon Phi that will be later this year will be between 4 to 8GB of memory with 512-bit bus.

More details of Xeon Phi
Phi Xeon have an operating frequency of 1.3GHz, thanks to which will be able to provide a superior computing power to a TeraFlop on calculations of double precision, and be manufactured with the manufacturing process of 22nm Tri-Gate of Intel.

Intel hopes to overcome the power of GPU recent calculations W9000 AMD FirePro and K20 Tesla, Nvidia cGPU future, and although it is too early to know if indeed get overcome, Intel also boasts native ability Xeon Phi to run x86 software, a feature that none of his rivals (Tesla and FirePro) holds, and could be the trump card with which Intel conquers with its rivals, which require the use of other programming environments other than x86 as OpenCL and OpenACC.

Link: Intel’s “MIC” has 62 die Phi Xeon cores, clocks and much WAS Aimed for Higher Than 1GHz Nvidia to fight GK110 (VR-Zone)

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