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Philippines bans cybersex

Philippines bans cybersex

Philippines passed a on cybercrime, among other things, outlaws the “cybersex” prohibits “unsolicited commercial communications” and provides criminal penalties for those who commit crimes of libel or slander in the network.

The new law defines “cybersex” as “the voluntary act to maintain, manage or operate, directly or indirectly, any lewd exhibition of genitals or sexual activity, with the help of a computer system.”

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), an organization that monitors Internet freedom, reacted by claiming to be very concerned that this law harm free speech by criminalizing even consensual sexual acts which are recorded with a computer.

However, one must understand a little of what’s behind this measure. Philippines suffers organizations trafficking and prostitution rings, which force girls and women to perform sexual acts on camera for an internet audience. The idea of banning “cybersex” apparently aim to stop this situation.

Regarding the “unsolicited commercial communications”, the law requires that Internet advertising clearly informed users who sent the notice and allow them to be excluded if they want. It also prohibits “misleading information” in the ads, which “induce the recipient to read the message.”

Besides imposing harsh penalties for crimes more traditional hack or get a private or secret information.

One point that might be too complicated to change is punishable by imprisonment for those accused of slander or libel, which until now was considered a civil crime. “In the Philippines, Defamation cases are determined not on who wrote what the message meant, but based on what the words used by him, leaving room for interpretation,” says the EFF, which could cause exaggerated punishments for people who are in the network.

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