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Posted by on Nov 7, 2012 in Science |

Physicist says the BBC feared that the aliens did not meet their editorial guidelines

Physicist says the BBC feared that the aliens did not meet their editorial guidelines

(CC) Bob Lee

The English physicist Brian Cox, who is known for encouraging the program Stargazing and by serving as investigator Large Hadron Collider, said in an interview that the flamboyant figure if found-live Live-an extraterrestrial intelligence in your program, you most worried his bosses at the BBC is that the aliens do not respect the strict standards of the public media publishing English.

While it may sound strange and forced in a television program are an extraterrestrial intelligence (and live), this is because in the TV show Stargazing actually found an exoplanet live and live-which was named Threapleton Holmes B-, so the claim is not entirely implausible.

“In the program last year, when we discovered Threapleton Holmes B , “said Cox in an interview,” we decided that was there listening to the telescope Jodrell Bank observatory . No one had pointed a radio telescope before the exoplanet and you never know!

According to reports the physical, the BBC bosses berated him: “You can not do that. We need first to review the editorial guidelines for guidelines as health, safety, and so, if they discover an alien civilization. To which Cox replied, surprised that “if we found a form of intelligent life beyond Earth, live and direct, would you be worried for the health and safety standards?”

Obviously, however filmed the segment of the program, but heard nothing from Threapleton Holmes B.

Link: Brian Cox: Feared aliens might breach BBC Editorial Guidelines (Radio Times)

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