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Posted by on Jun 3, 2012 in Internet |

PicPlz Instagram lost the battle and say goodbye

PicPlz Instagram lost the battle and say goodbye

Has anyone ever heard of PicPlz? If the answer is negative, know that is an image service like Instagram, in fact it is their direct competition. And that “is” will change to “was” after July 3 because those responsible for the site just to tell its users and the general public that the service is closed.

And the comes as a direct effect of losing the battle against Instagram, which seems to have completely taken over the spectrum of mobile photos. The point is that the history of PicPlz and goes beyond being both competition: in the beginning, the investor Andreessen Horowitz gave significant support to both companies, although not realizing at the time he had in his portfolio two very similar .

Finally, Horowitz opted for PicPlz and Instagram people finding out through blogs of the play. But eventually the bet turned out to be unsuccessful, since PicPlz had many problems reaching Instagram numbers of users getting in just one week.

For now, users of PicPlz have little more than a month to go to the site and download the photos, since the deadline they will be removed from service and accounts. Goodbye PicPlz, will surely not be missed by many that you, the rest are too busy uploading photos with Instagram.

Link: The Instagram Effect? Mobile Photo Sharing App To Shut Down Permanently PicPlz On July 3 (TechCrunch)

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