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Posted by on Jul 11, 2012 in Social Networks |

Pinterest does not stop: Tumblr Exceeded in traffic in the U.S.

Pinterest does not stop: Tumblr Exceeded in traffic in the U.S.

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The wave of users who seem to have found salvation to exhaustion on other surfing this time achieved another record, surpassing the social platform as the most visited in the United States.

I admit I’ve tried Pinterest and read mountains of literature on its secrets, tricks, techniques to be popular, selling strategies, and to be honest, I do not think it’s anything beyond a passing evil and with little chance of a strong future . I must say that is a personal opinion, based on several factors, including the volatility with which the U.S. often migrate user platforms “in” and it does not seem to have made a good start in Latin America, at least in terms a niche social network, which is at the moment, pretty well occupied by and Twitter.

Traffic data from the U.S. market are relevant globally when it comes to trends, as they often tend to replicate some of them strongly in our region.

Traffic growth in Pinterest was confirmed by several sources of measurement. Alexa rose above Tumblr post, and several more in Google Trends. According to ComScore, Pinterest growth is higher than its competitor Tumblr several months, marking the tendency to unseat.

The platform of boards all images that have swept the web content was a huge explosion in traffic earlier this year when companies began to use it as a branding tool more on their digital strategies. There was also a large increase in use by the media. A few months later, that growth rates of buffalo stampede began to slow to be practically at a stand-by, perhaps waiting for other innovations that can retain new users who come only to know “what is that what everyone talks about. “

Pinterest positioned itself as the new hope in social networks in 2011 and by March 2012 its market value stood near the $10 billion.

Link: Pinterest has overtaken the United States in Tumblr (Pingdom)

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