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Posted by on Nov 28, 2012 in Internet |

“Pirate” Richard O’Dwyer English is spared extradition to U.S.

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, accused of promoting by sharing links to movies and series through its web TV Shack, struck a deal to avoid to the United States.

Although O’Dwyer is English and who allegedly committed the offense took place in the UK (even the site’s servers were in the U.S.), organizations demanded that the boy was solicited extradited and tried in the United States. This situation led to a campaign to avoid extradition led by Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales, however, had no effect and the process was approved by the Minister of Interior of the United Kingdom, Theresa May.

To avoid being extradited, O’Dwyer signed a “deferred payment process,” which means that you must pay a “small fee” (withheld) in compensation. The 24 year old will travel to the United States voluntarily in the coming weeks to ratify the agreement. According to Sir John said Judge Thomas to the BBC , this is a result “very satisfactory” considering that O’Dwyer could have been imprisoned in the United States if he had been tried there.

According to the United States, earned over $ 230,000 in advertising revenue. The domain was seized in June 2010.

The case has raised concerns about the power that the United States would have to extradite people from other countries for copyright infringement, even if they have no more to do with the country that shared films.

Link: ‘Piracy’ student Richard O’Dwyer extradition Avoids U.S. (BBC)

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